Cum Facial for Pigtail Teen

Date 2008-08-22

One has to wonder, how much do you have to pay such a cute teen with pigtails to get her to strip down to her panties, blow you, and take a gooey cum facial while someone takes pics of it all. This slender teen babe doesn’t look like the kind of white trash street skank that you’d expect to see sucking a stranger’s cock and letting him cum on her face.

This girl probably works in a mall somewhere, probably a cashier or something. Or maybe she’s someone’s babysitter. Wouldn’t that be awesome, to be surfing porn one day and see pics of your teenage babysitter giving head and getting her face coated with baby batter? I bet that would give you a whole new respect for her, wouldn’t it? And if you are any kind of a man, you’d definately be hitting her up for a hummer. I know I would.


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