Dirty Cocksucking Blonde Slut

Date 2009-12-04

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This blond hottie wasn’t speeding or giving us any reason to pull her over, so we just said fuck it and turned on the lights anyway. Worried about her cop-brother finding out she’d gotten another ticket this dirty slut was ready and willing to suck our cocks! In the end, with a massive load of jizz splattered all over her face and dripping down her chin she admitted that she really loved sucking us off – so now we may need to follow her home for round number two!

Cum on Tiffany Holiday

Date 2009-11-30

cum on tiffany holidayTiffany is looking for her doctor’s office and she can’t seem to find it without her glasses. She eventually makes her way to the optometrist’s office and has to work out some sort of payment plan to pay them off. She meets with the doctor to find out how she can pay for the glasses and he takes a liking to her blossoming body. Finally he decides to make arrangements for a payment plan by letting her work off her glasses and she starts to getting naked to do so. She strips nude and they start exchanging oral favors on each other to work it off. Finally the doctor shows his good beside manner by giving her his cock and cumming on her glasses.

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Tory Lane Loves Cum

Date 2009-06-27

Tory Lane Loves CumSexy and busty cum whore Tory Lane drains the jizz from some lucky schlong in this movie by using her amazing vacuum-like deepthroat cocksucking skills. She basically face-fucks herself by aggressively ramming her throat over the dude’s throbbing member, and when she slows down, he puts his hand on the back of her head and drives himslef deeper down her gagging throat.

There’s a sort of sloshy sound coming from Tory as the dick hammers away on her tonsils, sort of the like sound one might expect to hear if you were fist-fucking an elephant.

In the end, she begs, "yeah baby, give it to me," as the dude empties his load on her face. You’ve got to love a chick that WANTS you to blow it on her face.

Hitchhiking Cocksucker

Date 2009-05-15

cum on her titsTwo guys who drive around in a retired police car to fool chicks, picked up this babe, Alicia, as she was hitch-hiking away from her broke down car. They didn’t really have to con her, like the normally would any other girl, because Alicia was, well, easy.

She happily sucked on the guy’s cock just because she’s an easing-going little slut, and because she was thankful for the lift. She didn’t even mind that the other guy kept the camera rolling.

In the end, Alica got ride and ended up with a thick load of jizz on her tits. It’s a fucking shame that there aren’t more chicks like her, you know, the kind that don’t mind giving head to a stranger for the hell of it.

Madison Ivy Bukkake

Date 2008-09-12

madison ivy bukkake movie clipsPetite blonde pornstar/total whore, Madison Ivy gets just plain walloped with spooge in this bukkake movie gallery. I mean, my god man, she could have drowned in all those heavy loads of cum.

First of all, as you’ll see in the first clip, Madison looks like a 90 pound fuck toy while riding that dude’s cock in the middle of that group of waiting dicks. She’s a spinner. You could drop her little cunt on your prick and spin her around at whim, or even walk around the house with her pussy gripping onto your junk. Yeah, that’s my way of saying that Madison Ivy is one small cumslut.

 When they put her on her knees in the middle of that room, do you think that maybe she had a moment of regret, knowing that she was about to get absolutely bathed in cum? Let’s face it, unless you are one sick little bitch, it could not possibly be pleasurable to be on the receiving end of a bukkake party. All those stiff cocks of total strangers hovering above your face while you kneel there, looking skyward—ewww, that’ll give you some fucking nightmares!

Anyway, Ms Ivy did a splendid of job of taking and wearing that monster load of bukkake cum. Man after man walked up to her and emptied his balls on her already sticky, dripping, cum-covered face, and she stayed there, kneeling, emotionless. Perhaps she was meditating on whatever childhood drama which led her to the point in life where she found herself kneeling naked on a cold wood floor, thoroughly gangbanged, and now accepting load after load of hot jizz on her face.